Little Homes


Little Homes

Little Homes is a collection of fun and playful illustrative layered artworks inspired by my own personal idea of home and quintessentially british upbringing. Exploring the idea of home through illustration and pattern, I took my drawings one step further by creating them into intricate layers of printed and laser cut artworks. Each scene is inspired by different characteristics of buildings and places I’ve called home and built up using nostalgic memories and experiences.

The Little Homes artwork collection is part of a larger project, started whilst at University. It’s also inspired by, and explored, gender stereotypes in children’s products and child’s play, as a result I created a series of innovative interactive story books and lighting. Find out more by reading the Little Homes story below.

Little Homes are now available to buy!

After much interest in my work through exhibiting at New Designers and the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. I’ve started selling my Little Home Artworks, Click here to find out more.

The Story

Little Homes, is firstly, a series of illustrative layered art pieces depicting inspired by my own personal idea of home. Starting as my final major project, whilst studying for my final year at university. It’s a project that evolved creating a number of interesting product ideas and as a result came full circle upon submission, proposing a whole new challenge that one day I would like to embark on.


Initially the project set out to explore illustration, and inspired by my love of materials and paper engineering, I wanted to push them into new materials. Using the theme ‘What is Home?’ to direct my work, I explored what home meant personally to me. I focused on the fact that I’ve lived in a large number of places, using physical buildings and places to drive the project forward. Other aspects of home came through in other areas, for example the scallop edging of the art pieces resembling the idea of home being like a gallery for all your memories and experiences.

Focusing the initial research on children’s lifestyle and home trends lead to my use colour and materials, as well as drawing connections and attention to number of issues regarding gender stereotyping and its impact, especially on play. I focused my dissertation on this and also forecasted my own trend for children’s lifestyle and home. It’s this research that informed the change of direction in my project.


Exploring my illustrations into Wood and Acrylic allowed the opportunity for play with layers and transparency. It was through this play I also introduced light, sparking my investigations into creating lights or lit artwork. I enjoyed this process of investigation so much, combined with my previous research, I realised the potential to create a concept that allowed for the customers to interact and play for themselves. Little Homes, became a collection of layered artwork pieces, with a concept of them also being fun and interactive lights.

The new direction of the project began to flesh out a concept, creating an inspirational and functional product that appealed to parent and child alike, becoming a piece to be treasured and take pride of place in the home. Designed to unlock creativity, encourage storytelling, and fuel imaginative play, with the addition of lighting to create a truly unique, interactive and sensory experience to further intrigue children’s curiosity. Through the ability to pick and mix panels to create unique combinations, discovering their own little world.

Little Homes

Currently, this is where the story of Little Homes pauses. I’ve exhibited my collection of art pieces at New Designers, Part One 2015, where I received lots of compliments on my work, and interest about my concepts an ideas. I would like to produce my art pieces, and develop a more commercial range. However, I would also love to work alongside like-minded individuals to further develop and explore my concept and ideas. If you’re interested in the idea and would like to know more, please get in touch.