Examples of designs and Ceramics I’ve previously created. My Ceramics shows my passion for handcrafted, beautiful yet functional homeware. I love designing prints and objects that become a part of the way a house functions and adds a touch of decoration and personality to a room. Although I would love to create ranges of designs for ceramics & homewares, I currently design mine as one off pieces, to sell or as a commission. I love the hands on approach that this process requires, from choosing and creating shapes, to designing the pattern and hand decorating each piece – especially adding a touch of Gold lustre! It makes each piece so unique and full of character, adding that extra special touch to a home or as a gift.

Ceramic Tea Cup
Jungle Plate
Ceramic Flamingo & Pigeon
Clementine Jugs
Tea Cup & Saucer with Foxes
Ceramic Tea Lamp
Ceramic Plum Jug
Ceramic Stamped Hearts

Do you like my ceramics? Contact me for your own bespoke creation!

I love working with people and creating bespoke ceramics. So if you love something I’ve already done or need an extra special gift to give a friend, send me an email for more information. I look forward to working with you.

Ceramic Clementine Jug


My favourite pattern currently is the ‘Clementine’ Collection. I love the bright and fresh colour palette, and the soft texture of the clementine spots contrasting with the bold scalloped turquoise edge. Its a print that will freshen up any table or kitchen. I currently use mine to hold my toothbrush and freshen up my bathroom!

Tea Lamps

My most recent project is my Tea Lamps, although I had this idea over 3 years ago! I’ve finally got round to making it into a reality. Inspired by a friend with a teapot lamp, I wanted one but never found something that was quite right. Inspired I decided to create my own but then got a little carried away and create a ‘Tea Stack’ Lamp. I’m now experimenting with different shapes and patterns to create an eclectic tea inspired collection. If you’re interested in one or more information please email me.

Ceramic Tea Lamps